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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More procrastination?

I decided today I was going to write, write, write.  I have some time and I can try to catch my word count up for NaNoWriMo.

It's 9:48 AM and I've been reading blogs and now writing my own. Figures.

Amazingly, it's a good day. I'm in a fantastic mood. The coffee is running through my veins and honestly, it's prolly too much and that's why I'm blogging instead of writing. But I woke up happy this morning. Not that I'm depressed or unhappy with my life, I'm just a mom, a wife and many other things that make me too tired/busy to think about my mood or to indulge in it. And let's face it, my word count deficit is enough to rain on anyone's parade. Thank goodness it's not doing so today. Today I indulge. I'm happy. Cheerful, even.  And if I can whip up some focus and attention, I might even be able to write some.

Maybe it all has to do with my boys.  My boys started music lessons in school and last night we picked up a digital piano for my youngest and a violin for my oldest.  It excited me to know they are excited about music and learning how to play these instruments.  And getting a $1500 digital piano for $250 is definitely not a mood killer, it's a mood enhancer, by golly.

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