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Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm real, I'm real!

But I'm not a boy.  Just making sure everyone knew I wasn't a figment of their imagination with people thinking to themselves, "Remember that one blog on writing?  You know, the one that only had two or three posts ever.  Ink-something-or-other."

I don't have anything I'm going to claim as a resolution, I'm just not that crazy anymore.  I have lots of things I could easily put out there into the ether as a resolution but I steadfastly refuse.

I do, on the other hand, have a few things I would like to say I will try to do better.  Like blogging, for ince.

Sure, blogging could be considered a fairly self-important endeavor and it could be said that you'd have to have some amount of narcissism to partake but I would disagree. Who cares what I have to say, after all?  Well, let's not go from self-important to self-deprecating.  I don't particularly want to blog because I think someone wants to hear what I have to say but because I simply like it.  It's kind of a like a diary I get to look back over and see how utterly ridiculous I was back when.  Or those moments when I was brilliant.  But mostly just seeing the moments in time and what I was doing or thinking.  So it's really more for me.  Maybe that does fall into the "self-important" category, after all.

So I'm choosing to do try to do better.  Did you like how non-committal that was?

On another note, I've been catching up on all the blogs I've lost track of over the last few months.  That was a lot of reading and a lot of time that should have been put to my MS.  I wouldn't call it totally wasted, though because I learned more useful things to put toward my writing.

Happy New Year, everyone.  I hope it brings lots of motivation to write, write, write for all of us.


  1. Just be careful that blog writing doesn't take over your creative novel writing time. Because it can be another one of those tools that help you procrastinate if you let it.

    hehe. I know whereof I speak.