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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fan based Neil Gaiman project

I have to post about this because I really think it's just too cool and it involves one of my all time favorite authors, Neil Gaiman.

A filmmaker named Christopher Salmon wants to animate Neil Gaiman's short, "The Price." He is using Kickstarter to fund it and the link to him on Kickstarter is here. It's an awesome thing to fund and Neil Gaiman is awesome for allowing someone to do this. Making a movie is hard, costs a lot of money and making one of someone else's work is even more work as it generally involves lots of legal documents, licensing, etc. I don't know how much of that happened here but Mr. Gaiman is not taking any money for this project. As a matter of fact, he's helping to fund it on Kickstarter.

Christopher Salmon has 20 days left to fund $150k. Please, pledge a few bucks and help this happen.  It's just too cool to let die.

Here's what Neil Gaiman had to say.

Hope you can donate a few bucks. When you pledge money, no money will be charged to you unless he reaches his entire funding request of $150k. Help him get there and get this project off the ground!  Check it out below!

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