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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is it now cliche to say I love Neil Gaiman?

I do, I really do.  I don't care that 50,000,000 other people love him, too.  I'm okay with that and hope he picks up more and more fans.  I'm already grooming my kids to love him.  (If you haven't read Instructions to your children, do so now.)

I follow his blog, follow his twitter and I hang on his every word as if he were speaking directly to me.  Okay, well, maybe not.  I'm delusional.  Sort of.

Jim C. Hines wrote a fantastic post about Mr. Gaiman called "20 Neil Gaiman Facts."  (I can't even bring myself to call him Neil - I'm such an idiot.)  It will have you rolling on the floor laughing, pinky swear.  He made a T-shirt, too.  I'm not sure why it's not in the zazzle store anymore, but keep checking, maybe it'll pop back up.

I haven't been able to decide on a favorite.  I think it might be number one.

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