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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kodak - you suck! Playsport ZX5

So this is waaay OT but I thought I'd post it because, well, I'm bitter and that's just how I roll. I have to tell the world what shit Kodak support actually is in case someone decides to buy something of theirs.

Here's one of my videos and how it recorded. Mind you, it doesn't do this on all of them and when it's working properly, the video is actually quite nice. I think I had 2 videos out of a lot that had this problem. The big pisser is that it was my favorite one and it's shit. Maybe I'll get lucky and someone can tell me how to fix it.

Anyway, I was pissed. So I went to their support pages and found this.

Oh my God. At first, I was simply amazed. And then I saw the updated date. 5/26/2011! Mac hasn't had a control panel since OS9. Pfffft. So I thought I'd try the chat. Available daily. Cool.

I get this. I'm sensing a pattern. They get new products out and provide zero support, I guess. Fine. At this point I'm kind of checking out where all of this goes. I actually download Firefox 3.6, replacing my 4.0 (I didn't mind since I use Chrome, anyway) and try to chat. That was really insane. I waited for a while and then I wondered if anyone was even there. And then I started having a one-sided conversation. I took a screen shot.

I'm pretty sure that if you click it, it'll be readable. (Update: not so much. I included a link if you really want to read it.) I didn't even get anyone to say, "please continue to wait." If you look on there, you'll see I entered the chat at 1:07 and took the pic at 1:54. I'm pretty sure there wasn't anyone there manning the chat room. Daily must mean something else in Kodak speak.

Anyway, that was my adventure today. Now that I'm all super annoyed, I must get on my treadmill so that I can burn the excess annoyance from my body and then sit for a writing session in which I write 5k words.

Or not.

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