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Friday, April 8, 2011

Multiple projects rock.

I always thought people were crazy to have more than one wip going at a time.  I'm discovering the error of my thinking.

I'm having trouble finishing my wip.  It's not that I don't care about the story or that I can't write it or that I've lost it.  I just got bored with it because I already know it.  I don't know if that happens to other people and I honestly didn't know it would happen to me.  But it did.  Color me shocked.

One of my crit partners decided to run a prompt.  I wanted to do something in first person (which I don't like so much) and I wanted to explore a morally ambiguous character.  I never planned on it being anything more than an exercise so I picked something easy to work morally ambiguous into.  Vampires. Lo and behold, it wouldn't stop.  So it looks like I have a new wip.

It's working out well.  I get bored with one, I move to the other.  I'm liking this so far.

Does anyone else get bored?  What do you do about that?  And how do you feel about multiple wips?


  1. Cheryl, the answer to writer's boredom is to make posts in multiple Yahoo forums, late at night. Then forget what you said. You'll be so delighted by the flood of emails next day, crying: 'Did you really, really mean what you said?' (without referring to what you said), that you'll never again have a dull moment.

    I speak from experience...

  2. Ha ha! Nice! I'll keep that in mind, for sure.